The Soul Of Your Work On Film

NOTE: Both London Events – details below –  are now on a waiting list. New dates coming for October.

A full day of intensive filming with Nic for a very small group of participants (4 in all). The objective will be to capture the essence of a participant’s work on film using the Inner View Method. Filming all day, with a full process involving multiple visits to the camera. The environment will be Retreat like. A full day lost in unbridled awareness. Filming from the conscious drop.

Note: it is also open for those who are not focused on their business. For those who are drawn to telling their experience with utter honesty, transparency and truth.

The full footage will be mastered then delivered back ready to use, with the rights to use commercially if required. Participants arrange to edit the footage (often themselves). Often it is simple to know what is obviously powerful. To be CLEAR. This is about the capturing of authentic footage, and not the completion of a finished Soul Biography. There is also the possibility that Nic can edit a film. To be discussed after filming.

Note: by all accounts the surrendered experience of being in front of the Inner View Camera has a profound transformational effect, working alongside the initial intention of revealing the true sense of your work to the World. See the slide show above.

MESSAGE us for more details.

Current Dates; Washington DC Metro Area  on 13th February. London, UK on 10th April. These dates in each City follows the Day Inner View Program. Program details: DC + LONDON.

If you are interested in capturing your work’s soul but cannot make these locations, MESSAGE us and let us know where you are. We might be there, or close, soon.