A Gathering of the Unordinary Ones in Minneapolis

Posted by on Jan 27, 2018 in Events, Soul Biographies Inner View Method

A friend co-founded a magazine many years ago. The Utne Reader. The New York Times reported that if you noticed a fellow reader on the subway by way of a rolled up copy of the magazine under their arm, then that was reason enough to invite them to dinner.

That story haunted me. And then I realized that Soul Biographies offers the very same invitation.

The journey of awareness that at least some of us are on, and the resulting inexplicable change in the way we see everything and everyone can cause isolation. Such change is not made visible in easy fashion. We can remain unseen, even amongst those who seem to be physically treading a similar path. There is no identifiable uniform. This is ineffable, and it is a challenge to find each other.

But Soul Biographies does makes it visible. If you can see what I can see then we should have dinner. Many can’t see, or choose not to, I know that. Many of you have passed the films on to the surprisingly mute reaction of friends. But where there is acknowledgment, the films are that rolled up magazine. We can sit in each others company and have no need to explain ourselves. It has been the way of most every Soul Biographies crowd I have ever gathered. Inexplicable and immediate closeness.

I think there is work to be done here. On February 18th in MINNEAPOLIS, I am going to do something I have been meaning to for so long. An afternoon of unadulterated interior exploration, with absolutely no way of knowing where we will end up. All I know is that we each belong, and there was never any condition to that. It is the spirit in which such interior exploration is taken.

If there is space, you are most welcome. There will be no charge. I suppose I could even take it further a field. Wherever I travel, with the help of others who also see. The Unordinary Ones.


And whilst you are here do go to the LIBRARY and pass a film on to another possible Unordinary One.