On Wearing a ‘This is Enough’ Face

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Poetry


Man’s Best Friend

A man sits quietly with his dog. He often sits quietly with his dog. She, with her ‘this is enough’ face. He, with his matching ‘nothing need be different’ expression.

He thinks it’s because the dog is just a dog.

She knows that it’s because nothing need be different.

And if she could speak, she might tell him that the very same possibility exists between any two potential dog walkers.

And if he were to listen, who then might be man’s best friend?


NOTE : Joey – born 2003 – has been within a few feet of me for most of the poems I’ve ever written, and most of the films I’ve ever edited. From the very beginning of this adventure in film and word. He should probably appear in the credits, although as what I am not entirely certain.