This is for the Courageous

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Products, Words

I wrote a few words on the possibility of us working TOGETHER. Somehow they see more honest than some of the words that have come before.

‘… who am I fooling.

This is for the courageous. For those willing not to shout a well rehearsed message that sets out to convince the world that what they do, and who they are is good. And right.

This is for those who are willing to explore the unabated truth. And let it out. For those who have been held down in their ability articulate their purpose, their brand, themselves in words alone.

If only they were in the room they’d get it. They’d get us.’

This is for those who contribute to a better world. Or intend to.

For those who recognize that the time is now for their mask to fall. For their very soul to speak. In bold and unscripted words. Somehow knowing that such words will far out-measure anything than that has come before.

This is for the courageous. People and organizations alike.’