This Is Why Film Subjects Show Up As They Do

A few months back I was interviewed by Mary Alice Arthur as a part of the STORY THE FUTURE Project. I was subsequently told by someone who had studied the Inner View Method with me, that I really ought to listen back to it as my words articulated exactly what is going on with the camera and awareness. It concerns surrender.

So I did, and if you are drawn to understanding this way of seeing (how and why film subjects show up like they do in Soul Biographies) then bathe yourself in this audio interview. It is 42 minutes long, so find your time. Listen between the words. Even beyond the words.

I might make this required listening for all contemplating taking part in the INNER VIEW METHOD.


If you made it through the 42 minutes you will find this 31 minutes of pure surrendered witnessing (uncut film) a beyond rich and provocative experience.

A Thousand Moments‘.

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