Voice of Leadership Interview

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Audio, Interviews


The interview is an hour long. You can DOWNLOAD, and take on the road. It is revealing of the process of making the films. Linda and Tammy’s LEADERSHIP RADIO SHOW prefaced the interview with this introduction.

Soul Biographies is about being truly seen. For when we are, the world changes. Nic Askew’s films are of the courageous, and for the courageous. It’s an act of bravery, and of immense trust to sit in front of such a revealing camera not knowing what might come.

For the courageous – it’s a similar act of bravery to pay attention to another who is most likely to challenge your world. Nic’s Black and White Human Portraits examine the depth of qualities such as happiness, purpose, loss, loneliness, courage, and gratitude. And the more worldly subjects such as transformation in leadership, education, healthcare, business and poverty.

New human portraits are EMAILED out to a large, loyal, curious and influential tribe each Monday since 2005.