This is Important. This Might Be Us.

Posted by on Oct 9, 2016 in News, Words

As I wander this world, I experience a depth and openness in people. A way of being together. But I’m struck by the most common of responses to such experience. An isolating juxtaposition. It goes something like this.

“Where do I find others to be with like this? Without walls. Without masks. Fragile but with a quiet strength. So very open and accepting. Like we each belong without condition. Where do I find them? I see the world so very differently to those around me. But I can’t say. It doesn’t make sense. And I feel alone, even though it might not look that way.”

This is what I see. Time and time again. Everywhere. Loneliness unadmitted. Unrecognized. It’s one of the unerring challenges of an increased awareness. Of a more conscious gaze. We cannot find each other, as what we’re seeking in another is at first glance unseeable.

I’ve avoided doing something about this for years. But Soul Biographies makes it seeable. It exists as a way of identifying how a person sees the world. Of how another might offer their full, undivided and unconditional attention. And as such it might exist as an invitation to move closer. A way for us to find each other.

This is us. You and me. It is time I acted on it. And so I shall.