‘… from a place of surrender, we appear to be utterly lost. Yet it is from there that anything is possible. It has always been from there, and only there.’


For a decade and a half Nic has worked in support of the courageous who have led the charge into a more conscious world.

Nation, Organizational and Community Leaders. Leaders of Movements. And those who have been waiting in the wings. All aware, yet not quite certain how to let such awareness into the world.

Working with Nic might include long periods of time lost in some physical landscape, or in front of his camera, or in the shocking intimacy of a video meeting. It might include passages specifically written and texted at certain moments. Photographs and film designed to shake loose a mindset. It might, and most probably will, include them all.

Be prepared. Surrender.

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The Invitation : There’s a place beyond right and wrong. A place beyond the endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken. Beyond all your best efforts to make this life work, and to make your life’s work matter.

It’s here that you’re faced with the unfiltered voice of your own soul.

A voice so unafraid that it’ll tell you of your place in the world. Of purpose and unquestionable clarity.

And of your belonging without condition.

It’s here that personal revelation can transform vulnerability into vivid displays of courage and strength. In service to profound connectedness and a meaningful life.

I know where this place is. And how to go there. Let’s travel together. Explorers in the most profound of senses.

Let us know WHERE you are in the World.