If I am to be entirely honest you would be a fool not to give this your full and undivided attention for its full and undivided duration. I imagine the experience will contribute in ways you might not be able to place words against.

And if I were to offer up an example of words spoken from deep within the human soul this raw footage might be it. It does not require a single frame to be cut from its entirely sacred timeline.

This is a profound wondering about the experience of life, death and cancer.


Robert was part of an Inner View Method PROGRAM. He stepped up to the camera as this haunting experience revealed itself. It is why I must witness MORE than I am perhaps currently doing. This might include you.

Clear 31 minutes. Full screen. Headphones. Breath that draws air deep into your inner world. Tea. Seek nothing in the experience, for it will find you.

Pass it on, if you dare. And if you choose not to, do wonder what it is that would hold you back from doing so.



Undivided and So Still Attention

Before your words
of encouragement
and well-timed advice.

Before items gifted at
beyond an arms length.

Did you ever consider
the one thing that
might turn the
entire world
on its axis.

Your undivided
and so still attention.