Might the eyes really be a window to the soul? And if so, what then?

The shooting of this film was somewhere beyond unusual. Undertaken in almost total silence with no break in eye contact. A 25 minute journey. Unusual that is for those days, 2006. Now I have come to understand the importance of patience, stillness and unflinching human contact.

If ever there was a Soul Biography to breathe in with the lights turned down, full screen with the world switched off, this is most probably it. Wait until dark. If you can.

Postscript. I have come to understand that the eyes are A Window to the Soul, not THE Window to the Soul, as many would have it. It is possible to see all of this with the subject’s eyes remaining entirely shut. It is possible to see truth without the use of your own eyes.

Guitar by the fabulous STEPHANE WREMBEL