Therese’s opening line ‘… in companies there’s an intention to be conscious but still unconsciousness is having it’s way all day long.’

This film takes a look at the possibility of conscious companies through the very real lens of employee disengagement. It would appear that three out of every four employees are not engaged. Three out to EVERY four.

If I were to have recognized this disturbing truth back in the days when I ran a company, it would have haunted me to the very edge. Perhaps I did. Perhaps it did. And perhaps that’s why I became a Film Maker.


Might a company with the unconsciousness of over control running through its veins leave any employee little choice but to act a shadow of who they might be?

This short four minutes raises so many questions. I imagine it could start a dangerous conversation.

Postscript, I’ve often wondered if conscious Capitalism could become Conscious capitalism. A simple but profound shift of focus. Challenging to the extreme. See ‘This Unframed Map’ below.

Do remember where the responsibility for engagement ultimately lies.