This film might just be the epitome of joy. Shot in a remote town on the side of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the experience of Feliciano Pop took me by surprise. I realized that shooting people, with a camera that is, in a foreign language that you don’t understand encourages an ability to listen beyond the words.

I didn’t actually need to know what he was saying. There was something else. Something far more powerful. My hope is that you too can see it. Even though, ironically, it seems that what we are really looking for is invisible to the eye alone.

What if there is a language beyond our simple understanding of words.


“Within moments everything that is not important somehow falls away” | “The way I experience all of life has profoundly changed” | “I have never been in a space like that before” | “It is like revelation and deja vu, both at the the same time” | “I’ve no idea how I would have come to this if I hadn’t participated” | “It resulted in an irrevocable shift. The veil lifted” | “Nothing has changed but everything is different” | “The most profound experience of my life to date” | “I found my voice rise strong and wise, determined and unfaltering in the direction of my soul’s purpose” | “This leaves only belonging” | “I figured out where true strength comes from” | “This is utterly beautiful and something that can’t be undone” | “This woke me up, I can’t go back to sleep”.