To converse is more than simply an exchange. True conversation without particular end in sight, and without bounds is extraordinary. And we would each be richer for such encounter.

But too often we find ourselves waiting for our turn to speak. To say what we have said so often. Almost as if our words are caught on the same track, heading in the same direction to the same impoverished destination.

And therein lies the challenge. Your challenge.

What if you were to let go, and follow the words as they arrive. What if you were to enter a conversation without judgment, or the need to know or define the outcome.

Where might such conversation lead you? What might you create? Who might you find yourself to be?

So there it is. Fall into a conversation. Today. This week. Soon. Or forever be caught on the same unimaginative track with its absence of opportunity.

A note on Fear. It occurs to me that safety might be mostly about one’s own fear of loss. Do examine this. It runs deep. Perhaps you will see the loss in ‘not being willing to free fall’ as greater than the loss ‘of what others might think or do’. That said, it couldn’t hurt to experiment amongst those with whom you feel safe.

nb. notice everything.