[04.16] ‘… and they call me a migrant. And they call me a thief. And they call me a beggar man. An asylum seeker. And I was once a teacher. I was once a family man. I was once a dreamer. A community leader.

I’ve seen friends and family all scattered and broken. And we don’t know why the cruelty keeps raging. And I’m seeking your kindness. I’m longing for safety and I’m praying for home.’

CARRIE TREE came unsuspectingly to a Soul Biographies Inner View EVENT. Sometime after being stripped bare by the camera she shared this song, penned after time spent in the Migrant Camp at Calais known as the Jungle.

It became our anthem. And given that we were in possession of a camera and microphone (although not an entirely suitable microphone) it seemed appropriate to record the song.

‘I’ve been stripped to the bone and I’m praying for home.’