WARNING : this short film might cause mild discomfort to the classical meditator.

Perhaps the life that we seek is already hidden in the experience of the life that we currently possess.

Perhaps one doesn’t need to kneel down or lie down, or listen to vegetarian music to experience a life of connection and wonder.’

The mystical experience appears to be within the reach of all of us. And consciously noticing the experience might be the first step in managing your own development.

This was one of the first films I ever made. From the Monday9am Series. The camera was borrowed. And, note, if you ever set out to make a film, do not record in an echoey corridor. Or stairwell.


Tim Freke in 'The Absurd Notion of One'

Tim Freke in ‘The Absurd Notion of One’

Kath Temple in 'On Knowing Happiness'

Kath Temple in ‘On Knowing Happiness’

Byron Katie in 'Is it True?'

Byron Katie in ‘Is it True?’