‘… I knew everything was fleeting. It comes and it goes. We just have now. I am thankful for the gift to my existence.’

These Human Portraits have gone through three major phases from their beginnings in 2005. One day soon I shall describe them.

This latest iteration has come from a realizing that it was never really about film, but about the unadulterated witnessing of the human soul.

Now, much of the filming is done within a close up audience. With the image broadcast to a large monitor. It leaves the audience nowhere to turn. The energy in the room is palpable. It is transformational and carries a WARNING.

DAVE HARRIS stepped unsuspectingly into the chair at an Inner View Program He had been a film subject of mine 10 years prior.

I noticed the compulsion to take his cell phone, switch it on and hand it to him. This is what happened …

Notice the pacing and sheer texture of these few minutes. For it will serve you well.

‘… there’s so much beauty in the world.’