A few years back, The Leadership Circle came to me with a challenge. To create a short piece that would open a leadership conference in Sydney.

The theme was wisdom.

Having assumed that wisdom disguises itself well from the tense ambition that pervades so many organisations, I took the poetic rather than the logical path to this short piece.

It seemed more appropriate.

‘On Wisdom‘ is the result.

To be watched at a pace that befits its subject.

‘On Wisdom’

Two men set out on a path
to shake the world.
And gather gold.

One journeyed without rest,
battling ever forward
with scant regard.

The other moved deliberately
as if his every footstep
might add to this world.

One would understand
little of mankind,
and even less
of himself.

The other would come to
face his very soul
at every turn.

One would find his
decisions change
with each
unsettling wind.

The other would stand
steadfast in his
purpose, beyond the
shadows of self doubt.

And as one clung tightly to the
experience of his fools gold,
still thirsty and
asking ‘what now?’,
the other would recognise
the wealth in each
fragment of this
connected world.

Wisdom sits
waiting to be

Well disguised
from tense

A lens through
to breathe.

beyond silent,
or need to qualify.

Waiting to transform
the actions of man.
And the experience
of mankind.

Each of us
knows this.
You know.
And I know.

It remain
our choice.