This film catches the vision of an organization, in a way that visions could be told. It’s almost as if it exists somewhere between the words.

By any measure, STUDIO MOVIE GRILL is doing well. And if you were to look at the component elements of the business in an obvious fashion, it would be simple enough to draw conclusions as to why. The usual physical components of a successful business are there for all to see.

But things are seldom what they seem. And seldom do we look far enough beneath the surface for an understanding as to why, or why not. And it’s here, beneath the surface, that I believe the soul of SMG lies. Brian has not wavered from his initial vision, to ‘open hearts and minds’. And I believe this connection has been instrumental in their success.

Perhaps it’s here that we all need to be, if our organizations are to burn bright for any length of time. Aware, curious and ever vigilant that we remain connected to our reason why. And by we, I mean WE. All stakeholders, not simply the founders and the leaders.


NOTE, there is a 1 minute and a 9 minute version of the film. Founder/Leader portraits are often cut at lengths to suit different audiences.

The experience of spending time engaged with Studio Movie Grill has left me with a very real sense of a new possibility for the way we might conduct business. Somewhere between the structure of older days and the entirely human demand that is changing so much in our world as it comes to the surface.

Brian states, ‘… I think of it as a platform for doing good.’ It seems so obviously possible to tread the line between this and capitalism. They are actually working with the model of Conscious Capitalism.

In conclusion, Brian and team are on a journey. With at least some sense of how profound that might be. We should take note.