From the single questions written within each film, came the longer Short Words Series. Described by some as aphorisms, and some as poetry. In any case I have written many. 150+. They appear in many books. Other people’s books. I have a publisher and should have a Collection printed by end of 2016. As they are written they appear alongside the Film Of The Week. A few examples are included below.


One Same Heartbeat

Each of us stand seemingly
alone, as we cry out
for evidence
that we belong.

And as we cry out silently
through the actions
of our every day,
we step further
from our own sight.

Further from the
experience of
our one same heartbeat.

But in the flicker of a
single moment we might
remember that
there are no
separate lives.

And that we have never been alone.



We are fragile. You and me.

Though we act strong,
our lives are
held together with
thoughts of where
we might be tomorrow.
And of disappointed

At any moment we might shatter.
We might fall to our knees
weighed down by the terror
of being so far from
our own control.

Dare we look up, we’d not know
where to go or what to do.

We are fragile. You and me.

If we were to turn to each other,
we might see the whole world
on their knees.
Hurting, and seemingly

But none of us are.

We are fragile together.


‘In this Time of Chaos’

In this time of visceral chaos
what if this were the
last time I were to see you.

Might the possibility of
words left unsaid
haunt the rest of my days.


‘Under the Stars’

When did you last lie
still as still can be,
and breathe in the stars?

For they sit patiently
each night,
waiting for you
to share the
honesty of your dreams.

‘The Boy Who Would Leap’

He’s somewhere between thirty & forty.
Perhaps fifty. Maybe sixty.

He wants to play. Without prescription.

He wants to stamp. And to stomp.
And to run. And to leap from chair to chair.

He wants to shout. And to scream words he
just made up. At the top of his voice.

And not to look at who’s looking.

He wants to tell his best friend it’s
OK to make believe. And to
tell his parents that he loves them.

Perhaps he will.




A medium sized woman led a medium sized life. She lived in a medium sized house,
set in the middle of a medium sized town.

And it was a medium sized ambition
that drove her medium sized wage.

She sat uncomfortably somewhere
in between small, and large.

This uncomfortable feeling, which she
described to herself as medium,
had little to do with the size of anything.

But it had everything to do with
a well disguised forgetfulness.

A forgetfulness of the knowing that,
whether small, medium or large,
she was perfect in every way.

And, that her life was a most beautiful place.


‘Two Fools in a Mirror’

‘We won’t have peace until we can
both agree,’ said the two fools
on either side of an argument.

‘We won’t have peace until the other
gives way,’ said each about their foe.

But peace could never be had.

Peace is an indescribable warmth that
belongs to no one. And to everyone.

And it’s warmth would only be felt
once each fool could face
the mirror and recognise the other.