A fixation on unexamined business goals or targets can lead to personal destruction, the destruction of colleagues and organizations, and even the destruction of nature.

There is importance in pausing, questioning, and tapping inner wisdom before deciding on personal or organization-wide goals.

These provocative few minutes explores this.

Robert starts the film with these words.

‘… I want this. I will work hard, and when I get it I will be free. But then when I have it, it is never enough so I do a little more. And in the end I am just a prisoner to my own mind.’


Might this film reflect your own circumstance? Do you possess a nagging feeling that something is off, and if so, do you have the courage to do something about it? To examine its very cause.


Lauri Feinsod in 'This Unframed Map'

Lauri Feinsod and Conscious Business

Byron Katie in "Is it True?'

Byron Katie and her Profound Inquiry

Brian Schultz in 'Opening Hearts & Minds'

Brian Schultz and Clear Business Vision