John is courageous in many respects. To challenge a system from within.

Not expected on Wall Street. Not acceptable.

To expose oneself to uncertainty and exclusion from one’s peers with all that might bring is often too great a barrier to act.

But if not you, then who? When one sees a very different perspective, one cannot simply unsee it. And not acting might haunt one until the end of days.

‘… perhaps the will to fix the system begins with the will and curiosity to rethink the way the world works.’


Capitalism needs re-imagining.

The re-imagining of its very fabric. And that is what John Fullerton, a former Managing Director at JPMorgan has set out to do with CAPITAL INSTITUTE.

The film opens thus ‘… I think one of our challenges is that the more successful we become the less likely it is we pause and question our own core assumptions.’

And herein lies one of the intractable human dilemmas. Too often we are unwilling to acknowledge and act on what we know to be true. For fear of the vast unknown. Of upsetting our seemingly safe personal world.

It would seem that re-imagining the fabric of any strand of our society is a challenge of consciousness. Of the way we are willing to see the whole. Then act on its behalf.

And if you are here and watching this, it’s likely that you possess the courage to step into such territory. Such dangerous territory. To see the world from a new and unsettling perspective and to act on it. In that respect perhaps we are truly and purposefully connected.