I’ve spent my life trying to make the ordinary extraordinary. Or show that it’s extraordinary.”

Liz, ‘the’ camera and I spent the day together. A long, courageous and unyielding day. Many hours. Nowhere to hide. Stillness laying bare much of what had previously lay hidden. A full day’s footage delivered back with which to see the raw sense of oneself in the light of any day. Self Knowledge.

These few minutes came from that day. As the viewer, one might wonder how much of your life has been spent in search of the extraordinary and about the toll of such pursuit. Edited by ANDREW, who has been trained in the Inner View METHOD and assists on the UK Programs.



The Invitation‘ is for those who are bone achingly tired of the never-ending game of  becoming extraordinary (or even just enough). There is another way.

Contributions to breaking this unnecessary way to live a life include the POINT OF US  4 DAY Retreats and the One-On-One Experience – see below.

USA 20-23 FEBRUARY 2020

UK 30 APRIL-3 MAY 2020



“In April 2019, I travelled to the UK to spend a one-on-one day with Nic and the Inner View approach.

The whole notion of being seen, fully seen, has been an uncomfortable one for me for most of my life. But I was also aware that it was how I was seeing myself that fuelled all the rest.

Nine months on from that day in April, a subtle, new-found and oh so treasured sense of ‘natural ok- ness’ informs my days and ways. And a deep reassurance and relief is never too far away, a relief in the re-connection with the sense and healing power of our shared collective essence, that emerged during that Inner View day.

What brought this about I feel was a combination of elements. From the essential start point and continuous thread of deep stillness:

• being on the receiving end of unflickering attention born of love,
• and a sense of all the time in the world with nothing demanded or expected of me,
• the recording eye of the camera,
• and a deeply felt resonance with the Nic’s words on the theme of ‘There’s no condition to belonging’.

These elements offered me the opportunity to meet myself in a unique, inescapably diverse and unexpectedly basic way.

And since that time, with the additional and entirely new advantage of the benefit of re-viewing and re-meeting the experience on film, the layers of discovery continue and form an invaluable foundation as I transition into a new decade of life and living.” Liz – January 2020.


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