The Building Seem Less Tall

Like a puppet with a life
of strings attached,
marching to
another’s beat
amongst the tall
buildings in the
oh so important city.

Accumulating hard
fought notches, and
furrows in your brow.

Until that is, you
draw a single,
sharp and
meaningful breath.

A breath that reveals
the tally of your one
under-appreciated life.

And now the
seem less tall.

And you know
what you must do.


The film starts with a  disturbing first line ‘… I thought the best part of me was actually the worst thing I could do.’

I never meant to make this. I had been invited out by TIM Gallwey to his Inner Game Academy in California. To see what I could see. I had my camera with me and let it roll towards the end of a long weekend. Many courageous souls dropped pretense. Elizabeth Sudler was one.

The back story is one so many continue to live. I shall leave you to work it out. To wonder between the frames.