April 2018. Amsterdam. A full day of Inner View filming, focused on exposure to its METHOD. Around 30 people.

A few subjects drawn to ‘the chair‘, despite their own turbulent minds saying ‘no. absolutely no‘.

Edgar was one.

This is a piece of our time with the camera.

The film starts, “… I usually have a lot of words. Now it feels different. I feel a bit scared. I also feel I am holding up something. Clinging to something. And I want to let it go.

There are not so many more words. Be prepared for this, if you dare.

Get lost in the quiet mystery of this between its frames. Between its words. Wonder about why you are here. Wonder about freedom. Your own freedom.

And pay attention to this at a befitting pace. This is Witnessing, with all the patience and space that such an act requires. Something is waiting to be seen. Has always been waiting.