Perhaps we can never truly love another until we fall in love with ourselves.

A film about nature of love, self acceptance and the collision of soul mates.

This was made in my very early days of making films, before I knew quite how to use a camera and record audio.



One / ‘Perhaps we can never truly love another until we fall in love with ourselves’

Two / ‘Might you be exhausted?’

Three / ‘What is it when you see when you look into the mirror?’

Four / ‘If you don’t show up, who is it that someone would fall in love with?’

Five / ‘Perhaps the very same person has always stood in front of the mirror. Perhaps it’s just that you couldn’t see them.’

Six / ‘What is it that you might see when you next look into the mirror?’


SCROLLING TEXT ONE / What happens in a relationship based on need? A need to feel significant, a need to feel part of something and a need to feel loved. Might those around us have to become someone else to satisfy such needs? Might they find it difficult to be themselves?

SCROLLING TEXT TWO / Do you need someone else in order to be complete? Or might that responsibility lie with you? Might a relationship be the perfect place in which to share your completeness? A place without need & without the requirement to compromise who you are.