The film starts ‘I could’ve hated that my Dad was a drunk, but I loved that my Dad was a drunk. You’ve go to love unconditionally because if I’m not loving it, it’s like I’m hating myself.

So many of us argue with reality. So many of us wish that the world that surrounds us was different. It would seem to be an outlook that might only cause a life full of pain.

This is a film about family. And the challenge & opportunity of acceptance. Unconditional acceptance.

The film asks this question, ‘Perhaps the lives of those close to us cry out for us to take notice of our own.’ I believe it might be important.

I wrote these few words a while ago. They seem well suited here.

The Reflection

As I gaze into the world, I realise
that nothing falters in its
ability to reflect what
I’ve come here to see.

My challenge remains
to admit
to what it is
that I’ve seen.