‘… stress is the invisible force that robs and keeps people from experiencing the depth of who they really are.’

This film looks at the possibility of looking past the symptom to the cause. It identifies stress as a beautiful contrast that give one the opportunity to understand the unadulterated potential of a human life.

The question one is left with is ‘am I willing to build a relationship with my stress?’ The conjecture might be – if I am not then the cost might be heavier than my life can bare. So see this as a clarion call.

Christopher Maher is a Former US Navy Seal and Olympic dreamer (injury kept him out of the decathlon). He has a profoundly deep understanding of the experience and extraordinary opportunity stress holds in a human life. This understanding was born of harsh personal experience.


His Navy Seal training was put into the shadows by the severe experience of early childhood trauma. At just two days old both of his thigh bones were purposefully broken to prevent bowleggedness. And the traumatic trajectory continued.

You can find out more about this work in the arena of stress HERE. Actually in a few weeks there will be a stress test at the end of the link and access to a new book on the subject.