‘… I could do something else and be known for something other than (oh yeah that’s) the cancer kid.’


I made this human portrait as part of a series for GETWELL NETWORK a company who have set out to transform healthcare.

There’s something about Abner. It lives in his eyes, for all to see. The traumatic events of such a young life have obviously played their part in Abner’s appreciative state. But it would easy to conclude that this is him, and you are so very different.

However, I’d imagine that if you care to look carefully, you might catch a glimpse of your possibility in his reflection. A possibility that exists without the need for such trauma. Your challenge remains to make the decision to truly live. And that remains an eternally curious challenge, invisible to so many.

And there in might lies one of the challenges for a truly transformed healthcare system. Responsibility taken, and a decision made. For you and me to decide to live, and to live well. Which is so very different than to simply survive, or run the clock down comfortably until we die. If we were to make such a decision, I wonder how this problematic healthcare landscape might look.