NOTE: this footage is revealing of what is under all Soul Biographies. Most probably a must for all drawn to the nature of these films.

There is a field. This field is the very atmosphere in which I film. It elicits something different in nature. In Dallas, I sat in this field. This time, in front of the camera. And this is what happened.

Unscripted, of course. And revealing of how I see the world and everything in it. A number who have seen this piece have described it as meditative. That will give you a sense of how you might set out to consume it.


It is 51 minutes long, and has 7 different guitar pieces. Thanks to SUZY BATIZ (Forbes List of Self Made Women) behind the camera.

On Belonging Without Condition is made from an important segment of the audio above, and a set of portrait photographs of people who have been witnessed by the Inner View Camera.