I have this way of eliciting profound insight from a subject and at the same time capturing a spellbinding authenticity on film. The resulting conscious voice can change hearts and minds, and cause a deep connection.


The key is to understand where words come from, and how to capture the conscious voice. A voice suiting of important work. A voice not of the minds intention to simply say what it considers others need to hear in order to convince. A profoundly authentic voice spoken from somewhere deep that causes an often irrevocable human connection.

This sets me in an invaluable place to work with people, work, brands, movements and the like that are seeking to impact the world for good. For work that is addressing major societal issues, and work that has the capacity to influence many people at a core level.

I have worked with many Organizations. They include: Medtronic, the MacArthur Foundation, Georgetown University, the Capital Institute, the GetWell Network, Unilever, Ernst and Young, Trustmark Insurance, Otsuka, NKD, Samaritans, The Leadership Circle, Joseph’s House, MIT Entrepreneurial Forum, University of California, Newfield Network, International Coaching Federation, Studio Movie Grill and countless Organizational Leaders looking to articulate a deep sense of their purpose and vision. Some work is public, some in-house and private (particularly when undertaken for cultural purposes).

The unique filming process delves into the underneath of the underneath. Essentially a profound deep branding review of work and culture – the soul of. This exploration and the filming is often done in a group setting using projection screens, bring teams closer together and including many in the why of the enterprise.

Many possibilities: Single Leadership, Branding or Subject Area Portrait Films. Fuller Media Asset capture. Full Film Series (recent Series include Education, Schizophrenia and Conflict). And Director Role, working with Agencies.

In everycase a good starting point for exploration is a conversation.

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(5m) Conflict – with US Government’s Bureau Of Land Management – see the SERIES

(15m) Business Consciousness with experimental company Graphik – see more its SOUL

(11m) The initial spirit of the Leadership Institute at Georgetown University

(6m) Organization Founder Portrait on Servant Leadership and Free Spiritedness

(2m) the Founding of Entrepreneurs’ Organization

(1m) Love In These Walls. Often commissions include a series of film vignettes – more HERE

(7m) a Coach and his (unspeakable) Ontplooing

(3m) Schizophrenia. This sequence won Silver Medal in the European Marketing Awards – see SERIES

(4m) Opening hearts and minds at SMG

you can also reference the vast Soul Biographies LIBRARY for film examples of insight and authenticity