Years ago I noticed that many who were filmed at Immersions and Retreats were putting their footage in the vault, for their families to witness at a date in the future. This made sense. It is an extarordinary thing to have one’s interior world captured on film.

I started to spend time with individuals, couples and families with this specifically as the objective. The capture of an important experience as a family legacy. Essentially a longform Soul Biography.


The projects often involve me traveling to the family, and spending a few days immersed in the experience of their lives, from a profound inner perspective.

The assignments range from a single person to an entire extended family.

A latest project is a 15 person family gathering with the capture of stories told from the interior with a profoundly unique tone. We film live in the group with the image projected into the room (the experience of closeness is extraordinary, this is a major part of the project). And as ever, a series of photographic portraits.

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Most Family Legacy Film Projects remain private. The film above was made public (came from a Family Legacy assignment)