‘Human Being’ Keynote

Profound Lessons on the Transformation of Our Lives and This World From Two Decades of Filming the Human Soul

A Unique Experience of Cinematic Transformation Using Unconventional Means – Film, Photographic Portraits, Piercing Words and the Live Inner View Filming of Volunteer Audience Members Projected at Large Scale to Cinema Screens

Learning Through a Visceral ‘Beyond the Intellect’ Journey of an Experience

Delivered By Nic Askew – Film Maker, Educator, Explorer

“… when we come to see each other beyond judgment and without condition we are known. When we are known, we become aware that we belong to each other. And when we become aware that we belong to each other we are compelled to act accordingly, and this world changes for the better.” Nic Askew

* A Change In Sight * how to see others in a fundamentally different way. An underlying sightedness that transforms the way we are with others, and the effect of our attention

* Something From No-thing * the singular and  transformational power of Starting with No-thing, and how to use it well

* Connectedness * the largely unconsidered workings of human connection, and how and why we might have misunderstood them

* Un-Alone * the remarkable moment of realizing the universal experience and transformational power of vulnerability (and not the more common faux vulnerability)

* A Re-Connection * how to connect to a profound and original part of ourself that has most probably been lost to the years

* The Still Point * how slowing down is not enough, and why an actual still point holds the key to many things of critical importance to life and business

* The Origin Point * the nature of true inspiration and a possible change in the origin point of all things

* The Telling Of Stories * how to tell stories from a stream of consciousness that connect beyond the mind and do not fade with the passing of time

* Avoiding A Premature Demise * how pushing for perpetual growth will most probably lead to a premature demise of our life-force and what we might do about it

* The Mathematics Of Subtraction * how to end the relentless game of becoming along with the anxiety and discontentment of a life that is never quite enough

* Intuitive Intelligence * how to access intuitive intelligence and find the courage to act on what we are made aware of

* The Glorious Ignoramus * how knowing that we can never know for certain can set us and (importantly) others free

* An Einsteinian About Face * what Einstein’s observation that ‘we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’ actually means and how this might change our creative approach to most things

* Awareness And The Bystander * to become aware and do nothing different makes us a bystander. And bystanders may end the world. How not to be one and in doing so contribute to a very different world

* The Great Yearning * what it is that we all really yearn for but might not yet be conscious of (answers collected via a profound poll of many)

* Becoming Spellbound * the unseen dangers of seeking purpose in the usual way, and how we might become spellbound by something beyond us as a contribution to a better world

Through a miraculous process with the camera and live-projection Nic enables a group to rediscover its common humanity.

Verne Harnish, Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization


AUDIENCE SIZE : from a small group in a meeting room to a 1,000+ in an auditorium.

OUTPUTS : often the experience itself is the main intended output. Other elements can be added including film footage captured, photographic portraits and follow up in-person or online meetings.

LIVE FILM SUBJECTS : perhaps the most extraordinary element of this experience is the live filming  in which Nic interviews (inner views) subjects and cast the image in realtime to projection screens. It is the inner world revealed. The subjects are drawn from the audience or are predefined (e.g. Founder/CEO) often pursuing specific exploration (e.g. why we – the organization – exist).

DURATION : 45 minutes – 2+ hours.

ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING : there is the possibility of additional sessions. Breakout sessions, specific filming and portrait sessions, and intensive half or full day deep dive Inner View Immersions.

Nic is a rare genius when it comes to capturing the essential human being that lies beneath the masks we choose to wear. He’s developed a unique way of communicating truth in a way I’ve not seen elsewhere on the planet. The value is simple, deep and far reaching.

Tim Gallwey, Pioneer in Psychology & Author of ’The Inner Game Series’

In a world of speakers trying educate, inspire and transform with rich content, Nic’s seeming simplicity of approach punches extraordinarily deep. He stands out in a field of his own when it comes to speakers.

Tony Lillios. Co-Founder Speck Products

By some magic, Nic captures people openly and without defence or pretense, so that you get the real person, their integrity, their doubts, their joy. In short, an insight into their soul.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy, 3 Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee


Something happens inside when we experience a place where there is no need to be or do anything other. Maybe for the first time. There can be a quieting of the questions, the urgency, the seeking. The most important things find us in those moments. This is what happens here.

Angie Tsiatsos Phillips

This is not a speech delivered from a stage to an audience. Directionally, it’s the opposite. A direct experience of an intelligence drawn from deep within the participant. And a visceral exposure to a personal and collective humanity.
It is like revelation and deja vu, both at the same time” (from a participant).

It’s an experience using unconventional means, causing unconventional effect.

This Experience stands alone as a solo event and can fit well into other programming. In addition to its own revelatory impact, it’s become clear that the experience opens the audience up to receive what is to come. Be that the content of other speakers, or the challenging work of specific transformation.

Nic’s keynote brought a strong connection through a deep sense of humanity. In spite of being a group of hundreds the intimacy felt like we were in a living room. We watched him work his craft with a subject on stage whilst offering us our own experience of going inward individually. In a world of speakers trying educate, inspire and transform with rich content, Nic’s seeming simplicity of approach punches extraordinarily deep. He stands out in a field of his own when it comes to speakers.

I’ve also experienced this in a smaller group and it’s unlike anything else I’ve been a part of. Out of what felt like uncomfortable stillness emerged provocative truths. It was an intense soul stirring event that took months for me to unpack and integrate and has left me with a deeper and richer way of seeing and experiencing the world.

Tony Lillios. Co-Founder Speck Products

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“Within moments everything that is not important somehow falls away” | “It is like revelation and deja vu, both at the the same time” | “Nothing has changed but everything is different” | “The most profound experience of my life to date” | “I figured out where true strength comes from” | “This is utterly beautiful and something that can’t be undone” | “I felt free” | “It’s still reverberating inside me” | “I have never been in a space like that before” | “I was left with a profound sense of calm” | “I felt such a deep connection” | “I was found by something of tremendous importance, the reason for our organization”


“… I’ve set out to capture the Soul of This Human Race on film, in all its shades and from all four corners. So that we might see ourselves reflected in each other. So that we might see beyond all differences. So that we might come to remember that we belong to each other without condition, and act accordingly.” Nic Askew

This keynote program is based on the experience of many years of filming the profound nature of the human race. A number of the films can be seen in the collection on the Soul Biographies site.



Nic was a keynote speaker for us at EO Alchemy – an Entrepreneurs’ Organization 500 person conference. His approach to life is like no other and he brings his thoughts and Inner View approach to the stage like no one has ever done before.  Sitting in front of the camera and being able to be “Seen” and “Known” by everyone in the audience is an amazing experience.

Participating as an audience member, you have the ability to look at someone on the screen and understand the subject in a way that no words could ever describe.  His thought of “Start with Nothing” and “It” will find you is truly a unique and indescribable thought that truly lets you reflect and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your approach and your perspective.

Having the opportunity to work with Nic was a true pleasure and so many of our attendees at Alchemy walked away with a completely new outlook on approaching thinking, feeling and being.

I would highly recommend Nic as a Keynote, Breakout or Session speaker for any Chapter event, Regional event or Global event.  He is dynamic, engaging and thought provoking in every way possible. 5 Stars for sure, and more if I could give them.

Kyle McClelland, 2021 EO Alchemy Chair.  EO Reno Tahoe Chapter



Entrepreneurial Conference

Keynote Experience used as a central tone-setting experience for a 100+ entrepreneurial group conference focussed on connection, authenticity and purpose. Including live filming and 70 photographic portraits taken.


Presidential Campaign

During a Presidential Campaign (not USA), this experience and its unyielding live filming component was used to help the party lead with truth, and come to an understanding as to why this was critical for the Nation.


Civics & Society

We configured this experience to deliver three hour experiences for a (USA) State-Wide Civics Program aimed at seeing beyond differences and bridging the political divide. A contribution to the making of a Civil Society. We renamed the Keynote/Program specifically for the purpose – ‘Healing The Heart Of Democracy From the Inside Out‘.


Organizational Culture

The incorporation of this experience into an transformational agency’s existing cultural change work within a large organization. Outputs of increased senior management connection and closeness, and film and photographic portraits to provoke further cultural change.


Inside The School Classroom

The experience taken into a school, designed as a candid exploration of how people can live well together, and how society might set itself up to include us all as we are.


Leadership Institute

A leadership institute incorporated the experience into their existing transformational programming, with the specific purpose of capturing an experience on film that articulated their reason for being, and provoking a deepening of the program experience.

























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