We need an evolution in awareness. A conscious change in where we are caused to act from, and for whom we are caused to act for. At the heart of this work is a remarkable experience that sets in motion a seeing of everything differently, so that leaders can cause the impact that the world now requires.

Through a unique process with the film camera and consciousness, reconnect with purpose, original self and the life force of your work

Capture this profound experience of purpose and original self on film, as a reference point and means of communicating vision

Widen and dramatically deepen your perspective on your own leadership and its potential impact in the world

See yourself, others and your work through a new conscious lens, having a deep impact on the way you connect with those around you

this experience is a development from a creative partnership between Inner View and Zukin Leadership using a unique cinematic inner development process and cutting edge coaching tools

An Important Note on Leadership And Self Awareness

In order to meet a moment in the world when deep division is impeding human progress, leaders need to go deeper. Deeper in self-awareness, deeper in connection with others. The toolkit that leaders turn to in times of challenge, even crisis, has been missing the key that unlocks the rest – stillness. Inner View is an undeniable experience of this stillness and offers a fundamental shift in the leadership development paradigm.

Virginia Buckingham, CEO. Inner View Participant



Words spoken about the most recent Inner Frontier Immersion in Colorado

There is a point of expanded conscious awareness at which we’re able to see each other without condition which leads to an extraordinary experience of connection. It places a team in a powerful position to work as one. This same awareness enables a Leader to access a profound well of inner strength, courage and knowing (insight). We’ve developed a direct immersive experience alongside practical strategies to harness its experience in service to creating remarkable organizations.

The experience uses the regular use of the Inner View Camera Method and in-room live projection, alongside individual and group inquiry and coaching. Results have included the direct experience of conscious awareness, clarity of direction and mission, the conscious voice captured on film (defining strategy, purpose, mission and the like), evolution of leadership style, closer teams, and more.


Einstein once stated that ‘we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ Yet we continue to address the predicaments of society and of our lives and businesses with a convolution of same thinking, convincing ourselves of an improved more intelligent version.

The origin of thought is important.

There is a vast distinction between thinking that is thought through the lens of experience and the mind, and thinking that profoundly occurs.

Thinking that profoundly occurs transforms the landscape. It is insight in its truest sense. Its very origin ensures that it serves the interest of a common good, that it serves Us. It is a significant characteristic of a leap in awareness, and in an enterprise that is becoming more conscious.


Importantly, conscious thought leads to conscious word which in turn leads to conscious act.

For profound thought to occur stillness is required. Inner View is this underlying experience. And the insight that is realized and spoken out loud is captured on film, for assistance in important endeavors.


This experience uses a unique filming method that connects to the human soul and its insight and develops the resulting revelation with cutting edge coaching tools.

Designed to make major conscious shifts in self awareness and connectedness.

In such moments one is struck by the realization that you are connected to all others without condition, and by an overwhelming sense of why you are here and what comes next.

Nic Askew

An original co-creation of Nic Askew (Explorer & Film Maker, Inner View and Soul Biographies – Pictured Left) and Lori Zukin PhD (Executive and Team Coach, Zukin Leadership – Pictured Right). Referencing picture at top of page.


Nic BIO  |  Lori BIO

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A Note On This Partnership From Lori

Last year, I sat down with Nic to discuss Inner View, an extraordinary experience that allows people to truly see each other and to be seen. I’ve been privileged to witness the impact of this work firsthand, and I’ve come to believe it is one of the most powerful avenues of self-discovery and connection available to a leader and to teams.

I’ve been following Nic’s work and watching his Soul Biographies since 2010, when I was first introduced to them at Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching Program. As I viewed these short films, I noticed myself slowing down and becoming more present. I was centered. I made it a practice to watch them a couple of times per week as a way of calming myself for just a few minutes during busy days of working and raising my kids.

As I watched these films, I envisioned bringing them to my clients and integrating them into my coaching and other leadership development work. We began to do that together, and the results were striking.

Nic had shared with me a desire to take a next step with the Inner View Method: supporting people to build further upon the insights they gained, taking courageous action and making other meaningful changes in their life and work. To make that happen, he wanted to explore working in partnership with an experienced Executive Coach. We decided to partner.

So, here we are now, excited to share what we have co-created. The result is not just film; it is the profound process that leads to the creation of film. And instead of just teaching and talking about vulnerability, complexity, cohesion, and collaboration, this method is the doing and being it, too.

The experience of this work crosses a demonstrable Inner Frontier, and will have a marked practical effect on the way you lead yourself and your teams.


This is the view from one of our spaces in the most recent Inner Frontier venue on the side of a mountain in Colorado. A house in which important things happened TO us. In which each was found by a sense of something interior, profound, and perhaps inevitable. A piece in the leadership puzzle. A missing piece in respect to the contribution to the world around us that we might make. Such is the consequence of surrender and not spending every moment pushing into the horizon.