On Monday 22 June 2020 I am taking part in the Inner Game EXPERIENCE WEEK. The purpose of this page is to give participants a sense of the experience we are heading into for the hour. In our time together rather than explaining the components of Inner View and the surrender leading to truth we shall simply film live over Zoom so that we can experience it. We shall most probably let a few emerge deliberately from the assembled group as volunteers inexorably drawn to the possibility. See the words at the foot of the page to see if that might be you.

The following two written pieces are by way of an invitation to you. The video might also give you a sense of what is to come. You are also welcome to take a look at a few of the FILMS that come from this way of witnessing.

Note: Tim (Gallwey) was one of my very early film subjects. We became fast friends as we realized the similarities in the way we see everything.


The Glorious Ignoramus

I don’t know.

But I know that
I don’t know.

I love that
I don’t know.

That I can
never know
for sure.

So I have
looking to

Or convince you.

And now,
I can
see you.

I am a


“The room quietens as another film subject emerges deliberately from the assembled group. She, or he, approaches the Inner View Camera with something to say. Something worthwhile speaking. Words that have purpose, and an obvious use in his or her world. Perhaps even to the world at large. Words that set out to convince us all. But words that so often, have been previously spoken.

The subject sits. Close to the camera. Close to me. Eyes closed, ever deepening breath, as the spartan words of instruction remove any requirement from our time together.

The point of being here, that was so vividly etched into a previously important list is now lost, as the subject’s image is cast in high contrast black and white to a large screen. Arrestingly beautiful. Always.

We are all to be included unreservedly in this experience of the human soul made visible. Of humanity witnessed.

From a palpable and utter stillness, it is as if the subject ‘is being spoken’.

They are not speaking ‘to’ or ‘at’ the world in expectation of something in return, as is so often the case. There are words. And space. And an unbridled vulnerability of such profound importance that the audience cannot turn away. It is utter strength in physical form.

Here, there is nowhere to hide. Here there is no need to hide. Here there is the letting go of control. The control that kept us from seeing one another. And from seeing ourselves. Here, for this moment in time there is Freedom. There is Liberation and Insight. And previously undiscovered Genius. Here truth has been spoken out loud, and we have each been changed from somewhere deep inside.”