‘… it happens with people. It happens in solitude. It happens in the midst of incredible busyness. And incredible stillness.’

This film is most probably a riddle.

And if one were to fall into the sense of it, it might turn into wonder.

And if one were to be immersed in this wonder, then one is most probably leading a contemplative life. A meditative life. A life rich with the noticing of mystery in the spaces between the structures of our each and every day.

And that might be a life worthy of note.

‘Right now is all we have. Because truly if we aren’t experiencing it now when would we be experiencing it?’

Might you take at least a single step towards a contemplative life. A meditative life. A life of quiet and courageous transformation.

Jeff founded the organization A Contemplative Life , a hub that brings together many of the world’s contemplative practices in one place.