This is a dramatic story, a story that had set its course with the loss of the subject’s Mother at the hands of one of Britain’s most notorious criminals of the last Century, the Yorkshire Ripper.

The film points to a human resilience which I believe is more common than we suppose. Told through Richard McCann’s uncommon depth of observation. And through such an observation, I believe it does far more than simply fill nine minutes.

Richard states ‘… there is more to me than the series of events I went through.‘ I believe this to be beyond important. If you are, that is, courageous enough to truly entertain the possibility.

A Glimpse of Reality is almost too rich with elements of vast unanswerable human questions. Each time I see it, my mind is cast deeper and deeper.

I recognize that often, a fragment of a single sentence is enough to provoke a meaningful transformational thread in my own thoughts.

We filmed in a long forgotten hotel somewhere between the North and South of England. It was the first time Richard and I had met. This is usually the case when making a film.

I imagine this to point to the possibility for all of us to see truly someone without the passing of an appropriate passage of time.

Concerning Forgiveness is a subsequent conversation between Richard and Nic and an 18 minute candid revelation about the nature of forgiveness.