This is unusual. Filmed Fall of 2019.

This work appears to be changing gear. And there is an ‘us‘ now, not just a me running all of its moving parts. I shall tell you more of this soon.

And a few weeks ago, in what could be loosely described as a planning meeting we decided to run the camera with myself on the more unusual side of its lens. To see what might be defined about where now.

This 30 minutes of footage is pretty much uncut. In the end I shall edit a much shorter piece. But for a few weeks I shall leave this up in it full form. Insights, admissions and all.



It is deeply reflective and revealing of where this work is now to be pointed, and the contrarian nature of purpose finding you rather than you heading off to find it. And revealing of myself.

As ever my best advice to you is find your time, then full screen, headphones and your full and undivided attention.