‘… the question is what do you really want?‘

When we set out on our search for meaning and for the answers that might lead us there, it’s all too easy to sit at the feet of wisemen and presume that our work is done.

But what if you were ‘the one’. The only one. The only one with answers of any consequence for the experience of your own life.

Do consume this film at its own pace.

Tim Gallwey is an author and pioneer in psychology. His 70′s phenomenon ‘The Inner Game of Tennis‘ became a classic guide to the mental side of peak performance. But the experience central to this film is somewhere beyond simply peak performance.

Sir John Whitmore (film – Bravery And Your Own Path) introduced me to Tim as a possible film subject during my first year with the camera back in 2005.

I believe Tim thought me to be a reporter but it soon became self-evident that I was a witness with no questions.

In the many years since then we have become close friends, exploring the mystery of this all together.

The Perilous Journey Of Becoming A Someone


The Riddle Of Here