This Human Portrait in Film is rich beyond gold. A film of hope and light from a seemingly dark and endless place.

It starts as follows;

It is like a miracle. I’ve got a son back that I thought I’d lost. We’re probably closer now than we’ve ever been but it did start in a difficult place.’

This film is part of the Schizophrenia Series made possible by Otsuka and Lundbeck.

Janet’s experience might offer tremendous hope to those in the dark place created by such a rabid condition.

Of course, it can be seen as metaphorical and therefore might offer a shard of light to anyone in a seemingly dark and unfathomable place.

I wrote ‘From Unimaginable Depths‘ a while ago. It seems appropriate.

Have faith.

From Unimaginable Depths

From the unimaginable depths
of human darkness
exists an almost
shard of light.

So vague that it
might remain unseen.

But it’s from such a shard
that hope is born.

And from hope, possibility.

Trailer for the Series. It won Silver Medal in the European Marketing Awards, although I didn’t actually know it had been entered. Saatchi & Saatchi secured the gold.