Conscious Revolution

These times call for a conscious revolution in the way we act towards one another, driven by our capacity to better see and experience the common humanity that lives deep within our bones.”

Our innermost yearning is to be seen. And to know that we each belong without condition. But when this is not our experience, we are compelled to act dysfunctionally and it drives us further from one another’s sight. I become blind to you. And you to me.

It is my work to show you a physical window into this humanity through its experience ON FILM. And a living, breathing and unconditional experience of it when we are in the same room. Because doing so would offer you the opportunity to recognize it in others, and to know it in yourself. So that you might be informed by it. So that you might act on it. So that we might come to truly know one another. So that together, we might live connected and significant lives.

This is the challenging work of divided times, and it demands the full conscious attention that exists beyond the distraction of drama. It demands that you surrender your need to be right. It demands an uncompromising vulnerability. But above all, it demands that you act upon what it is that you have seen.

This is the requirement of humanity in this age. This is the work of a profound revolution in our capacity to see and experience one another.