‘… so many of the things people think they want, they want because they think they can’t have. And as soon as they find out they can have it, the want goes away.’

This is a short film about the nature of spiritual and material wealth. Can the two exist side by side?

With Michael Neill. Actor, Coach, Hay House Author, Nudger of Sticks (see the film) and the voice of the Villain in Scooby Doo.

‘… gosh I know I should choose happiness, and I know I should choose enlightenment. And being godly and all that, but boy that ice cream looks good.’

From my very early days in making films. The Monday9am Series. 2005 actually.

Do see the 2020 encounter between Michael and Myself below, on Michael’s Video Interview Show ‘Might Help, Can’t Hurt‘.

Might Help, Can’t Hurt! Episode 30 – An End to Seeking with Nic Askew

Intro: “This quiet yet insight packed conversation with filmmaker Nic Askew was filled with an exploration of what it is to live life from the place of being “a glorious ignoramus” – that is, from the place of stillness, soul, and not knowing. We talked about “winging it”, pure listening, being lived, and the difference between felt experience and intellectual understanding.”