I listened to members of the Inner View Community. And to myself. And to the sky above the horizon. And this is what I heard of what we want.

Of what this is. Of what we have gathered for. I wrote it down as a piece entitled ‘I Want This‘.


I Want This

I want liberation from the too-long search for the gates of somewhere important.

I want peace. And I want joy and wonder to enliven my now tired bones. As they once did in younger years. I want to rest deeply when my eyes close. And to be wide wide awake when they open.

I want to know that I’m part of something. Something important and without condition. So that I can be myself without apology. So that I can share myself without fear. So that I can be usefully dangerous to a World that could employ such influence.

I want to dream dreams as bold as the sky is big. As original as only I know I can be. I want for my life to count. And to live it shrouded in a mystery. I want the world to know my heart. And to hear my voice. And to understand the intention of my words.


I want to feel the strength of ever-present stillness. And to know that I’m okay. That this is okay. No matter what. I want to be free. And awake. And in love.

And I want for Us to know that we belong to each other. So that we can build a World that works for us all.