The Man with Perfect Feet

A perfect man with perfect feet
resting on the perfect place
would continue to jump
in the hope that
he might reach
the place he believed
would be just right.

If only he had cast
his eyes downwards
to the world around
those perfect feet,
instead of upwards
to the dream that
lay elusive
amongst the words
of other men.

Mike writes a NOTE FROM THE UNIVERSE each day. It’s wildly popular. 750,000 recipients must see something of inordinate value.

There’s an underlying vastly important and extraordinarily challenging thought running through each and every note :might your life be proof that thoughts become things?

Mike was the subject of one of Nic’s very first Films, back in 2005 (Thoughts Become Things, it will be uploaded to the Library soon).

But this portrait is not that. It is not the profile of a teacher. It simply set out to a catch sight of Mike from Behind the Notes. I hope you catch a glimpse of yourself reflected.

There is a lesson, or perhaps a challenge contained between the frames of this film portrait : to admit your own perfection.

And to admit that you are enough as you are.