You belong. There was never any condition to that. Ever. You never didn’t belong. Despite what it might seem. And without the need to belong, your need to be right falls away.

One has to be still enough for a moment just to catch a glimpse of what you are.

If you know what you are, you can’t fight. You can’t fight yourself. You can’t fight your neighbor. You can’t fight.

 There was nothing we ever had to do. We think we have to be someone in order to belong. It was just never true. Imagine that.

Unconditional Belonging is a basic principle of this Inner View work : “We each yearn for the experience of deep belonging, an unconditional experience of home. This yearning can remain unnamed, if it is recognized at all.



And there exists an unexamined underlying assumption; that there is someone we need to become and a list of requirements that we need to fulfill in order to deserve such experience. This is a very real illusion, resulting in a futile search for what cannot be found.

Beyond this illusion however, exists the knowing that we each belong without condition. There is no requirement, there never was. This is knowable and changes the way we see and experience everyone and everything.”

This film was made from the longer ‘WHAT WAS REVEALED IN DALLAS‘.