Imagine your life, or your child’s life following its course and then an abrupt and brutal turn. The sudden onset of Schizophrenia. A violent shock to what was. A loss. At a loss. And a soul rendered desolate and alone.

When one understands the context of a life, the situation might seems different.

As I came to understand the nature of the disease, I imagined Mark to be one of the most courageous film subjects of my last decade. I’m left wondering how he could sit this fragile yet this unflinching.

These few minutes point to a possible part for us in all this. An important part in the difficult circumstance of another. Being there, without judgment or advice. That is something we might give. If we were to notice.

NOTE: this film portrait is not entertaining or dramatic in the modern day fashion. It almost serves as the perfect invitation to sit and to be there, in contribution. With unflinching strength. Your undivided and so still attention.

Janet, Mark’s Mother, was also filmed for the Series. Her film can be seen HERE. After watching both films, take the sum of both and I imagine you will have a near empirical measure of true strength and courage.

Undivided and So Still Attention

Before your words
of encouragement
and well-timed advice.

Before items gifted at
beyond an arms length.

Did you ever consider
the one thing that
might turn the
entire world
on its axis.

Your undivided
and so still attention.


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Trailer for the Series. It won Silver Medal in the European Marketing Awards, although I didn’t actually know it had been entered. Saatchi & Saatchi secured the gold.