The MacArthur Foundation backed the Digital and Media Learning Hub (University of California Humanities Research Institute) to re-imagine the experience of education and schooling. Over a 5 year period they invested close to $500 million in research. Connected Learning is the outcome.

Might the Information Age have presented us with the opportunity for a fundamental reimagining of the way we educate our children?

“What’s the learning experience we want kids to have? This core question is around engagement.”

“How do we create a burning need to know? That’s an emotional question. That’s an intellectual question. That’s an identity question.”

I was commissioned for a series of short films to articulate the sense of the transformational findings. Above is the intro film. It covers a lot of ground in not many minutes. Below a number of portrait films on specific elements.

The work takes on a more profound possibility in the Covid Age.

If you’d like to investigate working together to bring the nature of movements, new thinking, quiet revolutions and the like to film, send me a MESSAGE

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Film To Be Uploaded Soon

Film To Be Uploaded Soon

Film To Be Uploaded Soon

Film To Be Uploaded Soon