they’ll say I cannot believe that you talk to those Indians, I cannot believe you talk to those environmentalists. How can you even stand the stench of being in the same room with them?’

Conflict is universal. But that doesn’t make it hurt any the less. The Klamath Conflict in rural Oregon has often worn a vicious and bloodied guise. Fear between warring rural communities defining the experience of life.

The causes of conflict lie deep. And for the most part, unexamined. We get so caught up in the detail of it all. The drama of right and of wrong. Of us versus them. Of possession and control, winners and losers.

 But behind all of that is something far simpler. It’s where truth and consensus lie. And the journey there takes courage.

And in this protracted and often violent conflict there have been cast of characters who have led the difficult work towards understanding.

Steve Kandra, a Leader in the Klamath Farming Community, is one such character. From within the thick of the fight, he was sent to talk with opposing communities. To represent the position of the farming community.

But what he then witnessed changed everything.

He came to the revelation that the things that he held as fact weren’t, that people he once thought of as evil and selfish were not, and that he was part of the problem. And that all communities existed as part of a larger organism.

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