‘… maybe I’m always going to be a woman full of stones and some words and some cakes and some love and some despair.’

Caroline used to cook for us on the Inner View Programs in England. No shadow of doubt, it is artistry. And in June, as time stood itself still, she walked towards the camera as if beckoned by something more powerful than the need to be seen.

NOTE, this film contains a couple of f-bombs.

What happened next was as naked as naked can be. A courageous and utterly beautiful articulation of the sheer weight and terror of depression. And of a place arrived at. A place that had always been there.


‘… I don’t think there was anywhere left to go. And a sort of giving up happened in a deep deep place in my heart and soul and my body. And then I was in the fields of kindness.’

We would all do well to pay this our full and undivided attention.