The Invitation

It’s 2am. You’re wide awake.
Feeling alone. Unseen.
And inexplicably lost.

Discontent despite all
that you have around you.

The people. Your life.
Your dreams.

You wear a face that tells
the world you’re OK,
but you’re not.
You’re bone achingly tired
from the relentless
game of belonging.

You long for a meaningful place
in the world. And to
belong without condition.
Without struggle.

You long to be seen.


There’s a place beyond
right and wrong.
A place beyond the
endless game of fixing
what is seemingly broken.
Beyond all your best efforts
to make this life work,
and to make your
life’s work matter.

It’s here that you’re faced
with the unfiltered voice
of your own soul.
A voice so unafraid
that it’ll tell you of
your place in the world.
Of purpose and
unquestionable clarity.
And of your
belonging without condition.


It’s here that personal
revelation can
transform vulnerability
into vivid displays of
courage and strength.

In service to profound
connectedness and
a meaningful life.


I know where this place is.
And how to go there.

Let’s travel together.
Explorers in the most
profound of senses.