‘… she knew she was going to die anyway, and then she decided that day would be the day. I think it was the loneliest thing I’ve ever seen. She walked past me and laid on the bed and she nodded yes to the Doctor. I can’t find words for what it felt like to be there.’

Rebke took part in an Inner View Method Program. She flew from the Netherlands to the USA driven by inexplicable feeling that she should be there.

This film came from the stillness of that first time in front of the camera.

To me it is binary. One can speak or one is spoken. One can speak to or at the world, which is so often the experience, or one is led courageously through words that are original to that moment.

And when one is spoken, the experience of everything is different.

This film is the experience of being spoken. As it makes its way through the unknown, at a pace defined by stillness.

To witness another is beyond no-one.

Film in memory of Els.

Rebke is here.